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Before & After Photos
Before & After Photos
Before & After Photos

Gaining Space Where you need it Most

A hinged door to Sliding door conversion will help you gain space in any area. whether thats in a bedroom where its hard to place furniture or in a hallway where you constantly fight with the doors to put away your laundry every week.

Changing your hinged doors to sliding doors will make life easier and free up space that you haven’t been able to use.

Changing you hinged door to sliding doesn’t just help you gain space, It gives a whole new look to the room.

Door Options

We have a number of options available, something to suit any space. Mirrored doors make any room lighter and brighter giving that feel of space.

Or you can choose one of our coloured glass options these can be paired with a mirror or used for all the doors.

With their high gloss finish they bring a feeling of luxury into any room.

Not Just Hinged Doors


Our door conversions aren’t just for hinged doors we can convert any style of bifold doors to sliding. Many inner-city apartments use BiFold doors to close off the laundry areas. After a time these doors can be hard to operate, and can start to cause damage to your flooring.

Converting these doors to sliding will eliminate all of the frustration associated with these doors and will save you $ by protecting floors.

With our triple track door system, you don’t lose any access to the area as all the door can be stacked behind each other.

Being able to stack all of the doors behind each other gives you a 2/3rd opening,

This combined with our 1 finger glide, these doors not only look good they are simple to operate.

All Conversions Are not the same

Don’t be fooled all door conversions are not the same our conversions are professionally carried out and blend into the opening as if they were meant to be there.

Other conversions leave big gaps where the new frame meets the existing frame

Before & After Photos

We Usually recommend that the new frame should match the existing frame as you will still see a small amount of the existing frame, But sometimes going with a completely different frame colour for the new frame make a feature of the conversion.

Before & After Photos

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