Frequently Asked Questions

A:- We use 16.5mm melamine covered HMR (High Moisture Resistant) particle board for the back, base and front of our drawers. The use of metal sides and metal drawer runners completes the drawers.

A:- All drawers are screwed from the sides and the base.

A:- Our drawer handle is a 96mm anodised bow handle. This handle was chosen for its safety feature of having no sharp edges or corners to catch clothes whilst in the robe. If you prefer to not have handles we offer a finger pull drawer option.

If you have a handle that you would like to use we are happy to fit your handles for you.

A:- Our tall units are 2000mm tall so this means that our top shelf is fixed at 2000mm from the floor. We can build any of our unit to any size please get in touch if you are looking for something to fit a specific space please get in touch.


A:- Our standard units are in white to keep costs down. However we do have a range of 12 colours that you can choose from. Ask when we call to see you to see our range

A:-Unfortunately we can’t increase the space, but we can optimise the use of the space. This is achieved by creating double hanging areas and a higher top shelf. Most robes are provided with a low top shelf and single hang rail, by raising the top shelf we are able to provide 2 hang rails thus doubling your hanging space.

A:- The best shoe and hand bag storage is in one of our adjustable shelving units. This enables you to adjust the shelves to suit the various heights of shoes and bags. It also prevents you crawling around the floor looking for the other shoe!

A:- We don’t do wire baskets or shelving. The wire baskets look great in the adverts with minimal clothing in them but in the real world most people that have the wire baskets don’t like them. The clothes poke through the wire and cause the other baskets around them to become caught and or jammed

A:- yes It is necessary for this to be removed. We can remove this for you on the day of install or you can remove it your self before we are due to install. This means you can patch and paint without having to cut in around your new wardrobe. If we remove the shelf and rail we will patch any holes that are still visible and all you will need to do is sand and paint.

We remove all rubbish from your old wardrobe Free of Charge. Rubbish removal is limited to just Top shelf and rail

A:- Yes! It is a relatively simple process. We remove the hinged doors and fit our sliding door frames to the existing framework.

A:– We recommend that you have your flooring installed first. This ensures a continuous flow of your flooring resulting in a smoother finish. Our units and door track system will sit neatly on top with no cut edges showing.

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