Built-in Wardrobes

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Built-in Wardrobe Storage
Built-in Wardrobes

Adding Extra Storage

Looking for ways to increase the storage for your home, optimising your Wardrobe is a great place to gain extra storage.

Wardrobe Storage
Built-in Wardrobes

Wardrobe Cabinet’s

Using custom cabinets makes maximising the space in your Walk-in or Built-in Wardrobe much easier. there is no need to settle for off the shelf units that just don’t fit.

Built-in Wardrobe
Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in Wardrobes

Like most wardrobes fitted out by the builder, your built-in wardrobe probably doesn’t offer much other than a single shelf and rail.
The shelf and rail that you have is probably set at around 1700mm from the floor which leaves a large space between the top shelf and the ceiling.

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