Wardrobe Sliding Doors

We Make it to Fit

3 Door Sliding Wardrobe door Unit 3 Bronze Mirrors in White Frame
3 Door wardrobe door unit 3 mirrored doors in white frame

Our Sliding Doors are the best on the market

Easy Slide Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If your wardrobe doors don’t operate Smoothly, maybe it’s time to think about treating yourself to some new easy slide sliding doors. Why start your day having to fight with your wardrobe doors just to get ready for work every day?

Or is your bedroom a bomb site because of its easier to have your clothes piled up in the corner rather than putting it away in your wardrobe?

Its Time to Treat Yourself.

Triple Track system

Do you have a 3 door wardrobe but can’t open more than 1 door at a time?There is a better way! Our door system will fit into the same space as your current door system but we can give you a 2/3 opening. Our 3 door wardrobe system is 3 doors on 3 tracks, this means that you can stack all 3 doors behind each other and move them anywhere within the opening. So if you are sick of fighting with your partner in the morning to see who can get into their side of the wardrobe, have your doors changed today.

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